My name is Kate. By day I work in biomedical sciences, and with any time I have left to spare, I grow flowers and make arrangements for locals and community events.

For most of my career, I've worked in the lab researching different diseases and looking for potential treatments. I worked 10-12 hour days handling lots of biohazardous materials often in rooms with no windows, struggling for fulfilment in the corporate world.

But something happened when it came time to finally plan my own wedding: I got to play with flowers. An epiphany. Why don't I grow flowers myself so I can always have access to fresh local blooms? And that's how Sunshine Blooms Flower Farm was born. These arrangements fill me with happiness, and I'm excited to give that same joy to you!

I am a one woman show. I still work in the lab full time. I order all my flowers from reputable sources, I do all my own heavy lifting in the garden, and every bouquet is custom made to match your special day. I have a small backyard and I make the most out of it using sustainable techniques and high quality materials.